Individual Therapy

Dr. Thorpe provides individual therapy for adults mainly in the treatment of anxiety, relationship issues and major life transitions.

We treat clients for the following anxiety issues:

  • general anxiety
  • panic attacks
  • social anxiety and phobias
  • obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • hair-pulling and skin-picking

A therapeutic approach called cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, is primarily utilized. We also encourage healthy lifestyle behaviors around diet, exercise and sleep.

CBT is an evidence-based and relatively short-term model that’s been shown to be highly successful in treating people with anxiety.

In CBT, the therapist highlights the distorted thinking or irrational beliefs that the client often has, which affect his mood and behavior. Then, the therapist helps the client to create more rational thoughts about himself or events that he finds distressing.

For those with OCD, Dr. Thorpe uses a type of therapy known as exposure and response prevention, or ERP, which is considered the gold standard in OCD therapy.

In ERP, the therapist encourages the client to gradually face his fears and let obsessive thoughts occur without “neutralizing” them with compulsions.

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