Couples Therapy & Marriage Counseling
  • Are you and your partner constantly fighting?
  • Do you feel distant from one another — more like roommates than partners?
  • Has there been infidelity?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, you’ve come to the right place.

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Over the years, Dr. Thorpe has helped hundreds of clients overcome their problems to create deep and meaningful connections with one other.

Dr. Thorpe works with couples around issues related to communication, parenting, intimacy/sexuality and conflict management.

Transitions within relationships can often feel disorienting and scary. It’s one of the reasons couples seek out therapy.

Dr. Thorpe has the knowledge and experience to help couples better navigate transitional periods like new parenthood, a job loss, caring for an aging parent, empty nest syndrome and retirement.

Dr. Thorpe has a special interest in working with high-conflict couples.

In addition, Dr. Thorpe has extensive training in issues related to divorce, so she sometimes helps couples decide whether to stay together, providing divorce coaching and co-parent training.

Dr. Thorpe utilizes principles of a couples counseling approach called the Gottman Method.

One of the major insights of this science-based and structured approach is that negative emotions like defensiveness and contempt have more power to hurt a relationship than positive emotions have to help it. The Gottman method helps develop understanding and skills so that partners can better manage conflict.

In addition, Dr. Thorpe uses a type of therapy called Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). EFT is based on scientific study of adult love and bonding processes in couples. It’s a relatively short-term model (10-20 sessions) but highly effective.

In numerous research studies, EFT has been shown to be successful in decreasing relational distress. Many couples experience less arguing, better communication and a stronger bond with one another.

Don’t wait any longer. Take action today.

To schedule an appointment for couples counseling, call 973-425-8868 or email us at