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Everyone is faced with challenges at one time or another.

The key to overcoming these, is change.

Tamsen Thorpe, Ph.D.

At Directions – A Center for Life Strategies we help you develop the solutions to get back on the path to your better self.

Directions specializes in counseling adults, children, couples and families who are in transition. Utilizing proven scientific techniques, together we will explore your personal challenges and develop strategies that have provided success to many of our clients.

In a relaxing, confidential setting we offer ways to help you create more harmonious relationships with yourself and others, mold depression into optimism, reduce stress and anxiety, and optimize health and career decisions. We provide strategies that give you the power to move your life in a new direction.

If you or someone you know is ready to make a change, please contact us today.

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We Can Help You With Life's Situations



Forensic – Law Enforcement

Forensic – Law Enforcement

Forensic – Family Law

Forensic – Family Law

Healing Relationships

Is your relationship stuck in a cycle of negativity and criticism? Feel disconnected or distant, like roommates? Arguing too much? Experiencing broken promises?

Since 1997 Dr. Thorpe has helped many couples overcome these common problems and create meaningful and fulfilling emotional connections.

Dr. Thorpe helps couples navigate transitions such as retirement and empty nest, as well as address a variety of challenges such as parenting, communication, conflict management, sexuality, and infidelity. She also helps couples decide whether they can stay together and provides divorce coaching and co-parent training. Dr. Thorpe has experience and specific training in working with diverse clients and high conflict couples.