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We’re all faced with challenges at one time or another.

At Directions – A Center for Life Strategies, our aim is to help you develop the strength and resiliency to meet life’s challenges head on.

Dr. Thorpe focuses on working with adults, couples and families in transition. Her main practice areas of expertise include anxiety and couples counseling, as well as forensic work in the area of family cases.

A transition could mean a new job, first-time parenthood or the end of a relationship. Or it may mean deciding to think about your life differently. Whatever the transition, we’re here to help and support you along the way.

Utilizing evidence-based therapy, we’ll explore your challenges together and develop strategies to help you move your life in a new direction.

Mixing warmth and compassion with practical skills and techniques, our therapists help you to not simply survive but thrive.

You don’t have to go through it alone. Take action today.

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Healing Relationships

Is your relationship stuck in a cycle of negativity and criticism? Feel disconnected or distant, like roommates? Arguing too much? Experiencing broken promises?

Since 1997 Dr. Thorpe has helped many couples overcome these common problems and create meaningful and fulfilling emotional connections.

Dr. Thorpe helps couples navigate transitions such as retirement and empty nest, as well as address a variety of challenges such as parenting, communication, conflict management, sexuality, and infidelity. She also helps couples decide whether they can stay together and provides divorce coaching and co-parent training. Dr. Thorpe has experience and specific training in working with diverse clients and high conflict couples.