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Treatment Philosophy

Our approach is cognitive-behavioral and as such focuses on shifting negative thinking, undesirable behavioral patterns and emotional distress. The general aim is to enhance a client’s life in the areas of thoughts, behaviors and emotions. Treatment is solution-focused so that goals are set together and the target is accomplishment in a timely manner. A relaxing, confidential setting is provided to explore your personal challenges and develop strategies and solutions to help you get back on the path to your better self.


Individual Counseling
  • Stress reduction & coping skills
  • Decision-making
  • Adjustment to change
  • Depression
  • Workplace and professional development
Health Psychology
  • Medical treatment adherence
  • Coping enhancement
  • Preparation for a procedure
  • Encouragement for self-care
Relationship Issues
  • Nourish your couple relationship
  • Working together with patience, support and love
  • Decreasing conflict in areas of finances, housework and sex
  • Enhancing communication & understanding
  • Recovery from an affair
  • Weighing medical choices
  • Coping with disappointment
  • When to take a break or stop
  • Considering other lifestyle alternatives
  • Dealing with people who mean well but just don't understand
Anxiety Reduction
  • Relaxation training
  • Exposure with response prevention
  • Management of Panic attacks, Phobias & trauma reactions
  • Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)
Children and Family Services
  • Emotional and Behavioral enhancement
  • Adjusting to Parents Separation/Divorce
Consultative Services
  • Parent coordination for post divorce couples
  • Divorce coaching for couples utilizing the collaborative law process
  • Co-Parenting
Anger Management
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Tamsen Thorpe, Ph.D.

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